Flare Presest for BMD Fusion


This is a collection of 20 lens flares for BMD Fusion (8 and above).

I tried to build some nice looking, quiet realistic flares which can be used in your everyday projects. But not every preset will work nicely with every background.

All presets are 100% procedural, resolution independent and native fusion tools*. Just copy the files to the folders and you are ready to start!

Because everything is procedural it means things can be slow, there are several dozens of nodes used for every preset. Even some calculation heavy ones like blurs.

All presets are made to work best in a linear colorworkflow! Use a viewer LUT and correct footage settings to get the desired result

Please let me know if you made something nice with them.



(*The set contains some fuses and macros which build the flares.)

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get 20 preset flares and Fusion macros and fuses

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Flare Presest for BMD Fusion